SBI Benefits offers Dual Special Needs Plans (DSNP), which provide coverage for medical care and prescription drugs and are designed to provide additional services for those with the highest needs. These plans are provided through a Medicare Advantage plan. Give us a call today to speak with our insurance agent and learn more about the benefits of Dual Special Needs Plans in Las Vegas and Sparks, Nevada!

What Is a Dual Special Needs Plan (DSNP)? +

Medicare provides health benefits for people over the age of 65 as well as individuals younger than 65 who qualify due to a disability. Medicaid provides health benefits for people with low income. Eligibility and levels of coverage for these plans varies by state. DSNPs are plans that offer services above what can be received from an individual Medicare or Medicaid plan. These types of plans are available for those who have both Medicare and Medicaid.DSNPs include coverage for medical and prescription drugs as well as offer additional services for those with greater health care needs. The goal of DSNPs is to provide coordinated health care and services to those who can benefit from focused care management and the expertise of the plans’ providers.
DSNPs are provided by certain health insurance carriers through a Medicare Advantage Plan. Medicare Advantage Plans are plans offered by private health insurance companies approved by the federal government. This plan combines Medicare benefits, including doctor and hospital coverage and, in most cases, Part D prescription drug coverage. They may also offer additional benefits beyond what is available with an original Medicare plan, such as dental, vision or hearing coverage. By combining with a Medicare Advantage plan, a DSNP can use the carriers’ network of providers rather than a state Medicaid list of providers, and you can receive various additional benefit levels, such as coverage for vision, hearing and transportation costs.

Why consider a DSNP? +

DSNPs make it simpler for members to navigate the health care system. A DSNP encourages everyone involved, including primary care doctors, specialists and care managers, to work together. This helps improve members’ health as well as their overall experience with the health care system.DSNP benefits typically include:

  • Dental care
  • Access to a health products catalog to order over-the-counter products, such as vitamins and first-aid supplies
  • Hearing exams and access to hearing aids
  • An annual eye exam and a credit for eyewear
  • No-cost transportation to health care visits and pharmacies

When can people enroll in DSNP plans? +

The Medicare Annual Enrollment Period occurs from October 15th through December 7th. This is a great time to review your health plan options with our insurance agent and see if you qualify for a DSNP. However, those who qualify for a dual plan can enroll or switch to a new plan at certain times throughout the year.For more information about DSNP plans and to see if you are eligible for this coverage, contact our team today!